Service Package EN

🧮Service Package

A Service Package can be used for maintenance and repairs during the leasing period. This package covers: costs of working hours and spare parts. The package is applicable for mobile or local service.

Choice out of 4 Service Packages

You can add your preferred Service Package to your bike leasing package. A Joule team member can always recommend you a package based on the category of the bike and the expected mileage. You can find an overview of the Service Packages below.

Service Package

Service Package (including VAT/month)

Service Package (including VAT/year)






non-electric bikes, low distances





electric bikes, daily use










cargo bikes, race & MTB


Extra info

  • The Service Package is non-reimbursable. However, at the end of the leasing you can use the credit for purchase of accessories or extra maintenance.
  • The service package covers the cost of:
    • Mobile service: transport cost, spare part costs and working hours.
    • Local Service:  spare part costs and working hours.
  • The total value of the package can be used for the total period of leasing. 
    • E.g. a 36 months standard package has a total credit of €600 including VAT. It doesn't matter if an employee only uses €150 in the first year, because the total credit remains valid
  • If the limit of the Service Package' is exceeded, repair costs are charged directly to the client.