Tailormade bike leasing in 4 steps

1 Pick your bike package via our online shop (mobile) or a local bike store (local)

2 Simulate your bike leasing quote (you can simulate as many as you want)

3 Approve your preffered bike leasing quote

4 Receive your dreambike and start riding!

Take the first step 

Step 1: Pick your service package   

At Joule you can choose the service formula and package that works for you. Our service formulas have the same price. You choose how you want your bike repaired: at home or a nearby bike store.



Select your bike and accessories from our online shop and get mobile service with delivery, maintenance and repairs at home or at work.  


  • Pick a bike package from our online shop
  • Receive your quote(s) and order your favorite bike
  • We'll deliver at your doorstep.
  • Need a bike maintance or repair? We'll come over!

Look at our bikes 



Pick your bike package at your local bike shop and upload the quote online. You can visit your bike shop for pick up, maintenance and repairs.


  • Pick your bike at your favorite (local) bike store
  • Upload the quote online and order your bike
  • Pick up your bike at your local bike shop
  • Need a bike maintenance or repair? Visit your local bike store

Upload a quote

What's in your bike package

Leasing a bike from Joule means biking without a care in the world. 
You get what you need and more:

  • A bike (and accessories)
  • Damage and theft in​surance 
  • 24/7 roadside assistance 
  • Service package: pick the mobile service from our online shop or upload your offer from your local retailer

Still have questions? Maybe we can answer some in our faq!

Take the first step